Sunday, September 28, 2008

my lover

Jared works alot of days and im left home alone to watch cable tv! and check my mail, read a book, practice guitar banjo and harmonica (you didnt think i just watched tv all day did you?)

Jared is all i have up here, he has to be my family, my bestfriends, and my boyfriend all at the same time! What a full time job! im so grateful for him. he really has been taking care of me so well.

Jared my love if the sky did fall

i would show you the sun and moon in mine eyes

The ceiling as if it were an easel i would paint the stars.

Jared if your reading this, I Love You.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

im missing stuff :(

today i miss: mark harris. a bestfriend, excoworker, and 3rd cousin. why do i miss him? cus he is an amazing guy who showed me alot about music, life, and being cool as hell! i would do anything to go bowling with him right now

my damn laptop is still being fixed :( . wen i get it back there will be pics on every blog!

Love, BrokeasHell

i made a damn blog happy now?

okay okay. im not sure how too go about these.

so i will update with wat events ive been up too.

and possibly keep you posted on some wild mood swings ive been experiencing!

lets not forget random pictures!

this should be fun!