Friday, June 25, 2010

fun with kitty

kitty loves to play with random things, this is a bubble from those quarter machines
kitty got furminated! (there was tons more hair) im sure she was happy about cus it is getting hot hot hot up here!

getting way too excited for the family to come up! we started cleaning out the spare bedroom. to make room for whoever can make it up to spend some time with me! hint hint

Chris made a great dinner last night. sage crusted porkloin with a horsymarmalade sauce yumo!
making the best of our summer we bought some Frisbee golf disks. there is a lovely coarse in town, we also hit up the driving range, dang this summer is gona be good!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

im sorry its been a while

starting joing facebook, got to the add friends page... deleted my facebook

chris graduates tomorrow with a Bach in philosophy, very proud of him
i applied to go to school winter semester! very excited to get back into school

everything is lovely in the bellingham, kitty is great! her name has been Muff or Muffy this month. i like it, it might stay

got a new tattoo on my hip, wish i could post pics, but it would look naughty. ;)

cant wait my little sis and her family plus my mom are comming up soon!!! okay august! but that is soon enough for me!