Thursday, February 19, 2009

thursday already?

only one more week till i come to Utah. oh damn am i excited.

been stressed, the hospital wants my recent tax info and bank statements to see if i am accepted for the bridge assistance. even tho i gave them my recent info back in november!

so i got my taxes done with H and R block.. cost me alot of cash. but at least i know im getting 1300 back now, wich will pay off my debt, and get me started on the hospital bill.

been working 6 days a week, its my day off now :) so im just relaxin!

me and jared have not been to the gym in like 2 weeks, because his foot has been hurting :( so we have just been playing endless amounts of video games! me and jared have been doing very very good, im going to miss the hell out of him for the week im home.

got more stuff for my sisters baby yesterday! fred meyers is having mega sales on baby stuff so i picked up some more cute stuff.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

good food! good times :)

so me and jared have been bored of the same ol' stuff i can make for dinner.
we went to Trader Joes for the first time since we have been here (i know right?)
we spent a bum load of money on some nice and yummy stuff!

so i made the best new dish tonight! its chicken breast with brie and a balsamic glaze.
god damn it was so good and easy!!!!!(wish i had a pic)
ill have to make it for you sometime

today me and Jared went to circuit city, because they are closing soon, we wanted to buy a few things for a good deal you know?

i got an xbox360 for Jared for valentines day! it was hella cheap and i knew he wanted one
he is so damn happy, just seeing him smile is worth the couple hundred bucks.

i died my hair blue black!!! oh i love it!! cant wait to show ya'll

Sunday, February 8, 2009


i am employee of the month!!!!!!!

and they are giving me positions in the bar, being a lounge server!

this is a huge deal!
they have noticed my outstanding work ethic
doing my side work thoroughly? and doing great at my tables .
(which i ow to working at BELLAS)

im so freaking happy for this, i do love my job at Bostons! the staff is amazing!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


me and jared watch Michael Moores film SICKO last night
maybe he does elaborate.
but god damn. so many other countries have government free healthcare..
and people that pay for healthcare here cant even afford care still?

anyway, it made me want to move to europe, canada is closer.
but wouldnt it be nice to walk into a hospital, get the treatment. and never worry about a bill
im still waiting to see if my 8,000 dollar emergency room bill will be deduced...........

paid vaction, paid sick days.... luxuries most americans never see. put even part time europeans get to enjoy. they dont even pay for college.

i know taxes would be higher. but if they can do it. so can we.

okay okay im ranting....

love you all! miss you all! cant wait to hang out in UTAR

Monday, February 2, 2009


some pictures jared took
he is the best photo taker i know! the best!

getting more and more excited to come visit utah!