Tuesday, December 8, 2009

xmas timey

put up the tree today!
im sorry i wont be home for the christmas time.
but i promise ill send cards and talk to each of you on that day.

saw The Fantastic Mr. Fox the other day.
five million stars!
great for the whole family
if you like Wes Andersons other movies youll love this one!!

Monday, November 30, 2009


she is 5 months old, exotic longhair Persian.
she is sweet as hell and loves to sleep with us.

we dont have a name for her yet,
we have just been calling her KITTY FACE

Had an awesome time in UTAH! love you all!
Tanks for the sweet comment you left Rian!

Friday, November 6, 2009


totally excited to come visit.
Tona is a must! hopefully it will be open.
as always very excited to see family and friends!
im sorry in advance for im only staying 4 days, i wont be able to spend alot of time with you all.

im thinking of getting a kitty.
im looking into this special breed called bengals.
there pricey but beautiful. i wanted a flat faced exotic shorthair but chris thinks they look like aliens. so i compromised on this breed. very cute.
we get to meet a couple kittens on sunday!

Chris has been horribly busy with school, philosophy club, studying for the GRE, and getting stuff together to apply to gradschools. dont really have a desire to move to NewYork next year, but it will be an adventure none the less.

work is still great!! the power went out last night at 7pm. right in the middle of dinner! i knew it was going to happen the wind and rain was soo strong last night. i had all my tickets printed out just in case it did! yeah i can tell the future, its no big deal :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

chilly willy

starting to be the rainy windy season up here! but i do love the gloomyness.

thanks to my mom and Marty for taking me to do something before you die (see bob dylan)

thanks to my sister Rian for comming to visit me!! i had a blast!!!

for halloween im thinking ill do the clockwork orange outfit. depends on wat im doin.
not sure wat chris is going to be?
any ideas for a guy with a brown burly mustache?

me and chris are coming for thanksgiving!!!
we will be there the 24th through the 27th! im stoked for him to meet my friends and family, you will all love him!! he is handsome, intelligent and great!
hopefully ill get the christmas presents done before then so i can just leave em with ya'll

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Family visiting

So so so excited to see some family!
Grandma Cottam on this Sunday
My mom and Marty the 3rd through the 6th! (yay Bob Dylan!)
My sister Rian on the 8th through the 13th!

the only thing that sucks is that were short at work so i have to work my schedule out so i can spend more time with my mom and sister!!

it will be grand tho!!!

came home from work last night and Chris surprised me with a xbox360!
i cant believe a person could make me feel so good about my self and so retarded at the same time!

omg!!! its almost HALLOWEEN!!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

all is well

Just some pics from UTAH

nothing to really update on.
my life is great.

just think about wen i can come down to utah to visit! maybe thanksgiving or xmas

im excited for the fall... but dreading the winter.
im excited my mom and sister are coming up to see me and meet Chris!
its been forever since anyone has visited! >:O

Monday, August 31, 2009

i am the happiest person alive!!!

visiting utah was great.
i did everything on my list. and then some.

mandees play!! was so amazing!!
spending time with familerly and my friends!!! my nephew...... :.(

the one thing i couldnt get outa my head wile i was there was how perfect chris is.
now that im back its way too indescribable to even try. the 8 days i spent away from him made me only realize i could not spend another day of my life away from his presents.

im in love, true love.
i cant even see myself existing with out this completely compatible soul next to mine

dear lord is he perfect. if he doesn't just say and do the right things, then i must be deaf and blind

as i type these words he is playing the guitar and singing to me so sweetly, i pray this moment never ends. its hard not to think i moved up here for a reason.

Monday, August 17, 2009

visiting UTAH

yup ill be there
the 22nd through the 29th!!
im stoked as hell!

1. to see my nephew!
2. to see willis!
3. to see my friends and family!!!
4. to eat tona!
5. sunday breakfast!
6. camping, fishing
7. bowling!

mind you i got a new iPHONE!!!!! so i have a new number! woot woot

i cant wait to see you and and tell you stories!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

i dont even have a title for this blog
its been forever since i wrote but some shit has been going down

Jared and i have broken up, and he has moved out.
it was the hardest thing i had to do, in a long time.
I loved and still love Jared. he was a fantastic boyfriend and we got along very well.

But something happened in my mind that i didnt think i should spend all my time with one person, so i went on a date with another man.

my soul was broken, constantly sitting at a conference table with my own mind, deciding wat to do and tormenting myself of wat i did. now trying to repair it, i got to weekly therapy and i do many fun things throughout the day.

Life is ment to be experinced. i got to get myself out there and do that.

Mondays i have to go into work at 6am!!!! i do all food inventory now.

my phone service is up with tmobile... thinking of switching to verison or pay the big bill and get an iphone with at&t. any suggestions?

movies im excited for:
quentin tarantinos "inglorious bastards"
wes andersons "the fantastic mr fox"
tim burtons "alice in wonderland"

Friday, July 3, 2009


so Jareds little brothers hanging out with us for a month!
so were doing cool things on our day off.
today we went to seattle, and we visited the art museum!
saw a few Andy Warhols and a some very very very old shit :) it was bad ass

over dinner we had a long discussion on what was art.
(p.s. this is art)

me and Jared at the pike place brewery! i sampled 6 beers!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


well back into the swing of bellingham.
ive been a little sad and confused since ive gotten home.
i miss my nephew and my willis...
my family and friends
this is my home and i love it here......

hey everyone send me pics from my visit please!!!!!!

do it so i can post them and so i can remember my good times

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Aunt megy

kinda bummed the baby came earlier than originally planned. and i didnt get to have that wonderful emotional moment with my family. but its okay ill be there in 5 days, a much needed vacation. i did it agian.... a full week with no day off. my next day off is friday.... ill be on a plane too all of you. :)

im craving Tona, and bangkok! oh and Roosters! im so excited! and i get to hold my sisters baby!!! wooot wooot! mom plan a damn camping trip! im aching for the outdoors!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


just got home from a mini vacation! muchly needed vaction.
i havent had a day off in 3 weeks, due to training and understaffing.
been filling my brain to the brim with supervisor duties.

we spent the night at one of jareds friends friends farm.
they had so many animals!!! i was in heaven!!!
they set up a frisby golf coarse wich we played, my Frisbee kept going in the blackberry bushes
next we visited the coast which was amazing
and hung out and had some yummy foods!!!!

got to work at 8 am tomorrow to do liquor inventory.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

ryan stiles plays golf

today i did some marketing for Bostons

me and my friend Toby (who also got the supervisor position) went over to the local golf and country club to giveaway samples of our delicious pizza.
then Ryan Stiles, famous actor! roles up and plays the hole we were on with 3 other people! i didnt talk to him just stared in amazment. i guess he lives up here. :) i think this is my first tv actor spotting ever!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Supervisor Megan

Yeah i made the cut, but im having problems being okay with it

i cant describe it, im scared, i feel like im not going to do a good job.im just all around getting down on my self and my ability to be a supervisor and even a bartender!

at Bella's it was so much more comfortable. ive only been at Bostons 8 months and they want me to step up and learn everything!!!! blah!!!!

i know i can do it. i can and i will step up and be strong.

on another note.

ill be in utah June 12th through the 18th
for ericas giving birthness....
very excited.

i bought a little package deal for myself to a spa place. it was 40 bucks and you go 4 times to get a pedicure manicure facial and your hair done!!! my pedicure is tomorrow, oh im excited!!!!

not much else to say...... :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


had my interveiw for the supervisor/manager postition for my work today!!!

Fwuffy is my new friend, i got her in an easter basket my mom sent me. i sleep with her and watch movies with her... yeah Jared thinks im crazy.

saturday is gona be a fun day. me and jared are going downtown to a beer fest.
its 15 dollars to get it and you get to taste about a hundred different beers from local breweries.

made an awesome pesto pizza tonight.. with ham and mushrooms :P

just watched Hank and Mike, which i recommend highly if you didnt get enough easter. this Candadian made indie film was cleaver, cute, funny, and awesome. yeah some scenes were sorta "hollywood movie scripted"
but damn. it was good one. i give this movie 4 Reeses eggs and a big bag of cadbury mini eggs... make those dark chocolate

HAPPY EARTHDAY! EARTH! i planted 2 plants! woot woot!

Friday, April 10, 2009

its my birthday

kinda dumb, the part you cant understand im just telling you how i miss my family and friends on my birthday.

ill keep you posted on any other gifts! maybe ill let you watch me open one :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

its almost my bird day.. :I

DALISHESH stir fry
made an amazing stir fry last night!
having a rice cooker sure makes it easy
just cooked up some frozen chicken breast (which was cheap at trader joes)
then used a bag of frozen veggies along with some fresh ones, stir fried those
the sauce nailed it tho. also bought some ginger garlic paste that smells soo good.
Kona Coast : Ginger and Wasabi Teriyaki
the bottle is like this.

It has been so sunny and warm here! sunday we went to the driving range and hit some golf balls, yesterday we walked around the neiboorhood and played boche ball. there is this great side story were i was being mean to Jared and a minute later we had to jump across some mud, well i didnt make it, and ended up flinging mud all over my back side! yeah i learned my lesson.

Jared started school today, so im just relaxing in the sun until i work tonight.

just watched this movie: Milk
Very very good and powerful movie about the gay movement.
great actors, great story, could not complain. :)
ill give it 3 Strawberry Mexican popsicles. and a poptart

Monday, March 30, 2009

jared is leaving :(

yup he is going home to orem Utah for 4 days.
gona miss him terribly.
i went and sat at the bar at his work yesterday just so i could see him a bit more.

Jared got netflix so im gona start doing movie reviews! cus i hate all of them!!

Attention!!!!!! do not rent SEX DRIVE i had Jared turn it off half way through, i just couldnt stand it. yes yes Seth Green was the best part. but they really should not have compared it to a movie like SuperBad wen actually its a movie like American Pie 9 (if they made that many)
i give it a big ol' >:0 and 2 :l (angry disapointment, and 2 straight face no laugh)

my job is offering me to be a supervisor in June!
well im one of the candidates ! yeah im movin on up.
i also have to do deliveries sometimes.. blah!

my birthday is in eleven days! its gona be very weird to not have anyone around to party with on my birthday :( Jared is just gona have to try extra hard to make it special i guess........

PLEASE send Megans birthday presents or cards too:

Megan Strand
1329 Puget st. apt C
Bellingham WA. 98229

Monday, March 23, 2009

i was excited...

i guess i have to have a Washington state drivers licence and licence plate for a year to get residency tuition, i was a little excited to go to school. not really anymore.

its not like i know wat i want to do with my life anyway..

im still going to apply for the school and apply for the financial aid. if it comes down to were i only have to pay a little i will do it! just like my hospital bill... did i tell you about that? yeah i dont owe any money on my hospital visit. nice

just been working alot alot. bostson fired alot of people and its spring break this week, so im pulling 3 doubles this week, at least i have wendesday off. been making lots and lots of money so i can spoil my self for my birthday in 2 weeks!!!!!

also at work there doing a drink contest with drinks made up by the servers!
im using the pepperoncini martini for sure!

been wasting alot of time on the xbox.! its awesome. my gamertag is MEGYtron

me and jared are doing good, we have our problems like everyone else. sometimes i feel so inadequate . if thats even the right word.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The whole reason i came to Utah, to stare at Erica's belly.

This is the blanket i started, Erica worked on, grandma finished :)
Made out of old tshirts



Me and Amanda, at her bday party i threw for her. :)

The traditional hangover at the traditional Sunday breakfast :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

better late then never (pics to come)

okay okay so ive been home for like 3 days
visiting UTAH was great! picture to come. as soon as erica sends some

i did all the things i wanted too! got my hair cut, bowling, got a tattoo, wendover, sushi, not to forget quality amanda, erica, family and friends time :)

Jared is so glad to have me back home, the 7th was our one year anniversary.
He took me to Vancouver! my first time in another country.
It was so fun! we went and saw Underoath and Norma Jean, we stayed the night and in the morning we decided to hit up the Vancouver aquarium. sorry no pictures :P
it was pretty nice, they had beluga whales, and other random ocean animals.
my favorite was the sloth! and the Sea otters! oh dir so cute!!!!!

i love being home. i missed my jared alot lot.
he is going to be comming to utah end of this month without me
sucks, i just dont want to spend anytime apart. :(

Thursday, February 19, 2009

thursday already?

only one more week till i come to Utah. oh damn am i excited.

been stressed, the hospital wants my recent tax info and bank statements to see if i am accepted for the bridge assistance. even tho i gave them my recent info back in november!

so i got my taxes done with H and R block.. cost me alot of cash. but at least i know im getting 1300 back now, wich will pay off my debt, and get me started on the hospital bill.

been working 6 days a week, its my day off now :) so im just relaxin!

me and jared have not been to the gym in like 2 weeks, because his foot has been hurting :( so we have just been playing endless amounts of video games! me and jared have been doing very very good, im going to miss the hell out of him for the week im home.

got more stuff for my sisters baby yesterday! fred meyers is having mega sales on baby stuff so i picked up some more cute stuff.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

good food! good times :)

so me and jared have been bored of the same ol' stuff i can make for dinner.
we went to Trader Joes for the first time since we have been here (i know right?)
we spent a bum load of money on some nice and yummy stuff!

so i made the best new dish tonight! its chicken breast with brie and a balsamic glaze.
god damn it was so good and easy!!!!!(wish i had a pic)
ill have to make it for you sometime

today me and Jared went to circuit city, because they are closing soon, we wanted to buy a few things for a good deal you know?

i got an xbox360 for Jared for valentines day! it was hella cheap and i knew he wanted one
he is so damn happy, just seeing him smile is worth the couple hundred bucks.

i died my hair blue black!!! oh i love it!! cant wait to show ya'll

Sunday, February 8, 2009


i am employee of the month!!!!!!!

and they are giving me positions in the bar, being a lounge server!

this is a huge deal!
they have noticed my outstanding work ethic
doing my side work thoroughly? and doing great at my tables .
(which i ow to working at BELLAS)

im so freaking happy for this, i do love my job at Bostons! the staff is amazing!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


me and jared watch Michael Moores film SICKO last night
maybe he does elaborate.
but god damn. so many other countries have government free healthcare..
and people that pay for healthcare here cant even afford care still?

anyway, it made me want to move to europe, canada is closer.
but wouldnt it be nice to walk into a hospital, get the treatment. and never worry about a bill
im still waiting to see if my 8,000 dollar emergency room bill will be deduced...........

paid vaction, paid sick days.... luxuries most americans never see. put even part time europeans get to enjoy. they dont even pay for college.

i know taxes would be higher. but if they can do it. so can we.

okay okay im ranting....

love you all! miss you all! cant wait to hang out in UTAR

Monday, February 2, 2009


some pictures jared took
he is the best photo taker i know! the best!

getting more and more excited to come visit utah!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

comming homer

work has been good. working 6 days a week now! half days half nights... its really nice

so im comming to visit utah, february 28th through march 6th.
i want to get some shit done wile im there.
get a tattoo.
have ericas baby shower
have amandas birthday.
spend time with my family
spend time with my friends
get my hair cut.
go bowling!

im sure jared will be glad to get rid of me for a week! haha

Monday, January 19, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

a phone in the toilet

i always thought it just happened to those stupid drunk girls.. but it happened to me.....
yes i dropped my phone in the toilet..
i let it dry under a light for 2 days and it worked for a few minutes, then did a blank screen
bought a prepaid tmobile phone for 90 bucks (yeah its a RAZR) put my chip in it and were good to go.

work has been okay, i have a rude lesbian manager that like to point out my flaws all the time. but ill get over it. she is funny rude, in a way that i am sometimes. so its all good. server revues are next week. ill let you know how that goes. i do feel like im not on my A game sometimes while serving. i just want to be the best of the best you know?

would love to get to utah for my sisters baby shower, and for my friend amandas bday.
but i have to be back home for mine and jareds one year anniversary!

money has been a little tight, the electric bill was $130
everything will be okay.
putting all my hospital bills on a payment plan (ill let you know the final costs)

me and jared are good. we are still learning alot from eachother. :)

peas and carrots.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

so far, so good.

this new year is going to be good it has too be
so far Jared turned 26 on the 6th and it was such a wonderful birthday. sushi and friends.
i wish i could have bought him something better and more expensive. like an xbox360.

talked to my sister erica for and hour yesterday... very fun too learn about her baby stuff.

the weather has been rainy. and i guess western washington is flooded from the snow and rain?
im not effected.

work has been good, 3 servers have been fired! i feel so lucky. they didnt do anything wrong, just that they were not the best servers.

I am an awkward person. i am. im not normal. i do things and act different than most people and i dont know why. I find conversing with people awkward at most times. It could be my shyness.

i love it though.. id rather be me that be some regular FAKE person.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

new years resolutions

Ive decided.... that too make me happier this year
i am going to trust Jared.
put all my faith and love into him. and trust that he will be true and good to me.
he deserves to be trusted, and i don't deserve to be worried.
i feel that if i do this, it will be true.

had an awesome time hanging out with my work friends on new years. first time ever hanging out with them outside of work!!! thanks to Jared for helping me stop being a butthole*

jareds bday is on the 6th!! he has this planned : early morning dentist appointment.. then work? i took off the day.... i want to do something awesome for him... sushi...... i really want to make his birthday special for him.....