Tuesday, June 23, 2009


well back into the swing of bellingham.
ive been a little sad and confused since ive gotten home.
i miss my nephew and my willis...
my family and friends
this is my home and i love it here......

hey everyone send me pics from my visit please!!!!!!

do it so i can post them and so i can remember my good times

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Aunt megy

kinda bummed the baby came earlier than originally planned. and i didnt get to have that wonderful emotional moment with my family. but its okay ill be there in 5 days, a much needed vacation. i did it agian.... a full week with no day off. my next day off is friday.... ill be on a plane too all of you. :)

im craving Tona, and bangkok! oh and Roosters! im so excited! and i get to hold my sisters baby!!! wooot wooot! mom plan a damn camping trip! im aching for the outdoors!