Wednesday, November 3, 2010


well i was sick for halloween, and still am..
i did however dress up at work so if i get those pics ill post em
i was a skunk on saturday and a skelenton on sunday. both days i had too wake up at 8am and manage the Boston's. i think the lack of sleep i got made me sick.

kitty was a Jester

im coming for Christmas! the 21st thru the 28th!! im sooo way too excited. its been way to long since ive seen my utah.

been looking at this veterinarian college in Pullman Washington. i guess its eastern washington so its kinda not as cool as the coast. but the point is i've been trying to figure out what im going to do with my life. and helping animals has to be one of them. i could also do a vet tech program in seattle that is only 9 months long!

Monday, September 13, 2010

amanda and rick

Labor Day weekend was too much fun! My BFF and her husband came up to visit for there 5 year anniversary! the first night we stayed at the lovely Tulalip casino had a nice seafood dinner and gambled a bit. they stayed at my house the rest of the weekend, and i showed them around town. took em too my fave place to have happy hour called Nimbus. and also had an adventurous time at the beach were we played with tons of big bright purple starfish! i hated to see them go. and i miss them so much! but im so grateful they got to come see me :D

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

fun with family

lets start with an embarrassing pic of Kitty

Me and Erica and Ammon on the top of Orcas islands this was supposed to be a good lookout point, on a clear day you can see Vancouver, mt baker and even mt rainer. crazy

Cool bird at the Vancouver Aquarium. we saw lots of cool things there!

Captain of the ferry to Orcas island

I had so much fun with my family here! everyone crammed into my small apartment :)
everyday was filled with adventures and laughter.
i miss you guys!!! come back soon!

Friday, June 25, 2010

fun with kitty

kitty loves to play with random things, this is a bubble from those quarter machines
kitty got furminated! (there was tons more hair) im sure she was happy about cus it is getting hot hot hot up here!

getting way too excited for the family to come up! we started cleaning out the spare bedroom. to make room for whoever can make it up to spend some time with me! hint hint

Chris made a great dinner last night. sage crusted porkloin with a horsymarmalade sauce yumo!
making the best of our summer we bought some Frisbee golf disks. there is a lovely coarse in town, we also hit up the driving range, dang this summer is gona be good!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

im sorry its been a while

starting joing facebook, got to the add friends page... deleted my facebook

chris graduates tomorrow with a Bach in philosophy, very proud of him
i applied to go to school winter semester! very excited to get back into school

everything is lovely in the bellingham, kitty is great! her name has been Muff or Muffy this month. i like it, it might stay

got a new tattoo on my hip, wish i could post pics, but it would look naughty. ;)

cant wait my little sis and her family plus my mom are comming up soon!!! okay august! but that is soon enough for me!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Almost my bday

SO April 10th is cumin up! watcha get me?! is wat chris hears everyday.

finalized a Vegas trip!!! woo hoo. going the 9th thru the 12th. im going to eat so much IN n OUT burger!!! Chris' mum got us the tickets. We are flying first class on the way down! Muse and the silversun pickups are playing on my birthday but the tickets are sold out!!! would have been nice to go to that! but im sure ill have fun.

Anyone who can come down for a day, i know its a drive, but id love to see some friends on my birthday! this is a lonely time of year for me, i will visit in june tho!

Just watched Gentlemen Broncos which was out of this world funny, cute, and awesome!!

Kitty is doing great! i trimmed her chest hair cus she keeps accidentally eating it! I put green eyeshadow on her forhead for st pattys day!! woot!!

i feel so out of the loop (but maybe thats the magic of living away)
I have been toying with the idea of getting a facebook page, cant bring myself to it for some reason. What do you think? id love to see the pics of ammon, but would hate to see pics of people i would rather not see pictures of. you know?

lets put it to a vote. just give me some good reasons to join up.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Things and things and things

everything is just storybook!

this weekend is the day ive been with Chris for 6 months! were going to stay at a lovely casino down by Seattle. :) ive been so happy these 6 months!! He has already surprised me with my gift!!! a goregous white gold 3 diamond necklace. i almost wet myself! no one has ever gotten me diamonds!! i....i... i love diamonds!!! wow. chris is for sure a keeper ;) not that i didnt already know that.

next weekend is V day. and we got reservations for the most romantic restaurant in town! Nimbus. they have a set 3 coarse dinner! woooo im excited!

better make appointments with me now!! :) and Chris is comming!! woot woot!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

i love KittyFace WOOFINSTEIN

i just love my cat way too much.......... she makes my world so much funner!
she loves the simple things, running water, sinks, watching the birds, plastic bags, bottle caps, and straws!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


well christmas was okay. at least kitty got to be there

i still need a real name for her... or do i?

well ive been trying to figure out wen to come to utah next. and was wondering wat you all thought. chris's school break is middle of march, so we could take that and come see you for a long time. or i could come sooner for a shorter time. or both?

i wanted to go to vegas for my and amandas bday and invite anyone who wants to come as well..
i duno. :)