Monday, August 31, 2009

i am the happiest person alive!!!

visiting utah was great.
i did everything on my list. and then some.

mandees play!! was so amazing!!
spending time with familerly and my friends!!! my nephew...... :.(

the one thing i couldnt get outa my head wile i was there was how perfect chris is.
now that im back its way too indescribable to even try. the 8 days i spent away from him made me only realize i could not spend another day of my life away from his presents.

im in love, true love.
i cant even see myself existing with out this completely compatible soul next to mine

dear lord is he perfect. if he doesn't just say and do the right things, then i must be deaf and blind

as i type these words he is playing the guitar and singing to me so sweetly, i pray this moment never ends. its hard not to think i moved up here for a reason.

Monday, August 17, 2009

visiting UTAH

yup ill be there
the 22nd through the 29th!!
im stoked as hell!

1. to see my nephew!
2. to see willis!
3. to see my friends and family!!!
4. to eat tona!
5. sunday breakfast!
6. camping, fishing
7. bowling!

mind you i got a new iPHONE!!!!! so i have a new number! woot woot

i cant wait to see you and and tell you stories!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

i dont even have a title for this blog
its been forever since i wrote but some shit has been going down

Jared and i have broken up, and he has moved out.
it was the hardest thing i had to do, in a long time.
I loved and still love Jared. he was a fantastic boyfriend and we got along very well.

But something happened in my mind that i didnt think i should spend all my time with one person, so i went on a date with another man.

my soul was broken, constantly sitting at a conference table with my own mind, deciding wat to do and tormenting myself of wat i did. now trying to repair it, i got to weekly therapy and i do many fun things throughout the day.

Life is ment to be experinced. i got to get myself out there and do that.

Mondays i have to go into work at 6am!!!! i do all food inventory now.

my phone service is up with tmobile... thinking of switching to verison or pay the big bill and get an iphone with at&t. any suggestions?

movies im excited for:
quentin tarantinos "inglorious bastards"
wes andersons "the fantastic mr fox"
tim burtons "alice in wonderland"