Monday, March 30, 2009

jared is leaving :(

yup he is going home to orem Utah for 4 days.
gona miss him terribly.
i went and sat at the bar at his work yesterday just so i could see him a bit more.

Jared got netflix so im gona start doing movie reviews! cus i hate all of them!!

Attention!!!!!! do not rent SEX DRIVE i had Jared turn it off half way through, i just couldnt stand it. yes yes Seth Green was the best part. but they really should not have compared it to a movie like SuperBad wen actually its a movie like American Pie 9 (if they made that many)
i give it a big ol' >:0 and 2 :l (angry disapointment, and 2 straight face no laugh)

my job is offering me to be a supervisor in June!
well im one of the candidates ! yeah im movin on up.
i also have to do deliveries sometimes.. blah!

my birthday is in eleven days! its gona be very weird to not have anyone around to party with on my birthday :( Jared is just gona have to try extra hard to make it special i guess........

PLEASE send Megans birthday presents or cards too:

Megan Strand
1329 Puget st. apt C
Bellingham WA. 98229

Monday, March 23, 2009

i was excited...

i guess i have to have a Washington state drivers licence and licence plate for a year to get residency tuition, i was a little excited to go to school. not really anymore.

its not like i know wat i want to do with my life anyway..

im still going to apply for the school and apply for the financial aid. if it comes down to were i only have to pay a little i will do it! just like my hospital bill... did i tell you about that? yeah i dont owe any money on my hospital visit. nice

just been working alot alot. bostson fired alot of people and its spring break this week, so im pulling 3 doubles this week, at least i have wendesday off. been making lots and lots of money so i can spoil my self for my birthday in 2 weeks!!!!!

also at work there doing a drink contest with drinks made up by the servers!
im using the pepperoncini martini for sure!

been wasting alot of time on the xbox.! its awesome. my gamertag is MEGYtron

me and jared are doing good, we have our problems like everyone else. sometimes i feel so inadequate . if thats even the right word.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The whole reason i came to Utah, to stare at Erica's belly.

This is the blanket i started, Erica worked on, grandma finished :)
Made out of old tshirts



Me and Amanda, at her bday party i threw for her. :)

The traditional hangover at the traditional Sunday breakfast :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

better late then never (pics to come)

okay okay so ive been home for like 3 days
visiting UTAH was great! picture to come. as soon as erica sends some

i did all the things i wanted too! got my hair cut, bowling, got a tattoo, wendover, sushi, not to forget quality amanda, erica, family and friends time :)

Jared is so glad to have me back home, the 7th was our one year anniversary.
He took me to Vancouver! my first time in another country.
It was so fun! we went and saw Underoath and Norma Jean, we stayed the night and in the morning we decided to hit up the Vancouver aquarium. sorry no pictures :P
it was pretty nice, they had beluga whales, and other random ocean animals.
my favorite was the sloth! and the Sea otters! oh dir so cute!!!!!

i love being home. i missed my jared alot lot.
he is going to be comming to utah end of this month without me
sucks, i just dont want to spend anytime apart. :(