Sunday, December 28, 2008

back home

lets start at the first.

1. the hotel didnt have our reservation. never use ever!
2. our flight was canceled spent ten hours at the airport.
3. xmas at home was everything i imagined!!! but i had little time to see everytone!!
4.flight home was told too us to be 3 hours late. actually was only 20!! but we made it only to find it was an hour late... damn airports.

it was definatly worth it. too see my family. i love you guys

now i have to figure out wat to get JARED. his bday is on the 6th

Thursday, December 18, 2008

more snow

it snowed like 7 inches all day and night yesterday.
it doesnt make sense i wanted to get away from the snow!
and its windy as hell up here too!!!
the roads are horrible and no one wants to drive.
luckily i didn't work yesterday or today! woot woot!

only 3 more days till im home!! omg im stoked as hell

leaving the car at the airport is going to be 130$ so we are looking into taking a shuttle and having someone pick us up. who knows. we really cant afford 130 right now :(

i work tomorrow so wish me luck, driving trough the snow

i also go a weird job offer... i think its one of those get rich quick (if you can) schemes... he just called me up and wants too meet me at a coffee shop to tell me about how he sells energy drinks or something/...... im going to call and cancel it just sounds too sketchy.

putting the finishing touches on the presents i made for my family! i love making gifts! so much funner and more meaningful.. and much much cheaper.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


i moved up here too get away from the cold and snow, well in snowed all day yesterday while i was at work!!!! and its freezing balls!!! and they dont have snowplows that throw salt down on the damn roads! and everyone drives 5 miles an hour. ha ha

sorry i have not put anything up in a while! my gmail account was compromised and i found it very difficult to reset my password, especially since my security question was "Temporary Question?' yeah i didn't have an answer for that.

work has been great, ive begun to make friends with people i work with, even the really mean manager turned out too be pretty awesome sometimes! work is fun and i make great tips, mostly.

just getting ready for xmas. finished making the gifts for my family, and still debating on wat to get my jared and amanda.

i feel one hundred percent better from my fiasco in the hospital. my bills are about 7,000BONERS right now!!! but im still working on applying for bridge assistance.

been kinda down lately, i thinks its from the cold. ill be happy once i get to visit good ol' UTAHr

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hospital :(

Just got home from the hospital.
Jared made me get up and go last night, because of the extreme back pain ive been having.
i went too a clinic a few days ago, and she said it was a strained muscle.
the pills she gave me did nothing to help the pain.
In the emergency room, they took lots of blood, gave me some pain killer, and ran some tests.
i have a severe kidney infection!!! didnt even know.
oh and my potassium was low? they kept me overnight.
wish i had a picture i could throw on here of me in my hospital gown. :)

symptoms include: pain on right side of my middle to lower back, pain in my right belly, cant lift my right leg, nausea, fever, frequent urination, trouble sleeping, loss of appetite, depression.

symptoms from medication: dry mouth, constipation, drowsiness.

HOW FUN!!!!!

i hope to god i get better soon.

Friday, November 21, 2008


My back started hurting a little over a week ago. as you may know i usually have back pain. due to a slight curve and the strain that serving puts on it. but this back pain is very severe.

well this time, it keeps me up and night, crying, and wanted it to end. ill take 4 ibprophens and it only dulls the pain slightly. i have decided to go to the doctor, i looked on webmd, and it could be a herniated disc? i dont know im not a doctor. :) something better to ease the pain would be nice

dinner for 2 on thanksgiving! we decided against having a big tukey, and we are just going to make our favorites; stuffing, mashamapotatoes, gravey, my moms marinated mushrooms, and pumpkin pie :) yumo!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


This picture was taken at Ericas wedding. :p

thats right i bought the tickets!
tickets were 300 dollars per ticket, so if you wanna help pay for it..... :)
ill be in utah the 21st through the 26th
so sign up for play dates today! my time is limited :)
but im sure ill see you all!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


me and jared cant seem to come to a conclusion...
drive or fly home for christmas? VOTE
my family will pay for my plane ticket home for xmas, Jared is broke and doesnt want to Fly.
Driving would take 13 Hours! cheaper, but wat about the wear on my car, and the cost of food, and hotels?.......... Road trips are fun, but wat if it snows us out?!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

bein sick

so im sick, i think my mom brought it with her from UTAH.
my lungs ache, so i havent been smoking, this is day 4 without a cig.
i like that my brain doesnt think too much wen im sick... and that i can lounge about.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day!

finally the most suspenseful day of the year is over.
(i must apologize, i am not a democrat by any means, but im for sure not republican)

after reading a million poor excuses for family emails damn politics....
i feel bad for them.... they wanted there white bread republican America so bad and they prayed for it. YOU LOSE! you will find that the country will be a little happier and run a little smoother.. how about you all open your mind and shut your mouth this time?! (i apologize again if i offend, i might have had a drink wen i wrote this)

i don't know how it happened.... but it did.
i guess we are just sick of the shit.
i know i am, im in it for the universal healthcare. wat a splendid idea!

yay i dont have to move to cananda!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

halloween is over and my mom is leaving ;(

This weekend was wonderful! had alot of fun with my mom and Marty.
As you can see we had a ton of fun Halloween. we went to the beach and did some intown stuff.
and Saturday we all went to see Eagles of Death Metal.
today was a lazy day... i partied a bit to much on halloween and now im sick. so its lazyness for me today.

thanks too all that voted... turned out i was going for vampire for work... because its cute. (my tips sucked anyway). i wanted to change into the man with the mustache thing later for a party. but it was easier to stay a vampire. and cross dressing is more of a day to day thing... than Halloween. HAHA

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


yup my favorite holiday!
i have not decided yet wat im going to be!! i work halloween night at my job and we get too dress up. im also going to a party after work so i can choose 2 things. a trucker/whitetrash man, a pirate, or a vampire? help me decide!!!

my mom and marty are coming in 2 days!! oh god im excited! been cleaning the house getting ready for them :)

i got my new computer!!! finally! its just the new version of the old one i had! very shnazy
exept i hate itunes. it transfered all my music over... but didnt take the albums or the artist with them... so i have to go through each song and add a artist and album too it... very annoying. if you have a faster way. please tell me!!!

things are great! making some money at my job, were i mostly work nights.

Monday, October 20, 2008

seeing some family!!!

last thursday it was donald, tasha, grandma, and grandpa who came up to my part of town. it was so awesome too see them! they brought me some cookies from my favorite customer at bella's Norm. We all went to larabee state park wich is a very beautiful beach area. then we at the restraunt Jared works at. its called anthonys. very good seafood! they love it. i also joined them for sunday dinner at Dons house in Monroe very lovely house! and his wife cooked an outstanding asian meal!!! so yummy! pictures too come.... as soon as donald gets em to me.

My little sister Erica called me 2 nights ago.. she is pregnant. i felt dissapointed. 1. because it wasnt sapose to happen yet (i meen they dont have the funds, and there just newly weds) and 2. cus im all the way up here and wont be there too see the stages and stuff.... but im happy for her if this is wat she wants.

I hope i can come home for xmas, too many people took it off work and they have a no request on it now, if all else fails i will just have to quit and find a new job

Me and Jared are doin alot better. im starting too trust him more and more each day and i think he is starting to relize some thing. He has promised me alot. I am so proud of him and i look up too him so much. damnit im in love with him.

wat else? i have to work halloween, becuase of all the damn kids requesting it off, and me not requesting it sooner. my mom and marty will be in town! trying too decide wat costume to wear?

love megan

Monday, October 13, 2008

the cold, the dark, and the silence

yeah its been getting a bit cold up here

but ive been feeling cold about other things too.

my job is going okay.... i missed a day at work, i must have read the schedule wrong.

just a verbal warning tho! i started serving.. but for now the manager has to fallow me to the tables and its very unnerving! i mess up and forget alot wen i am being fallowed.

it should work out though

i should be getting my laptop this week. they could not fix it and there giving me a whole new one!!! yay!!! its been a month since ive had my baby HP. :)

Im in my head too much, like a just think about alll this stuff. its hard

me and jared are going through some difficulties... could be cus were surrounded by eachother most of the time so the negative stuff is amplified we just need too focus more on the good stuff and listen and talk too eachother more. i want more than anything too work it out and too help and be there for him. i know we are together for a reason, and it wasnt just too get my ass out of utah! things will work out im sure

i need to find friends... but as you know, it takes me forever too find a good friend. hell i knew amanda forever!

did some bikram yoga last night. i wanted too clear my head. but the damn instrucor was brutal and sounded like a damn drill sargant. very sore today
i miss some things about utah thats for sure.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

da beach

me and jared went to the beach yesterday and took some pics!

tonight we are off to Seattle for an art walk! im excited.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

my lover

Jared works alot of days and im left home alone to watch cable tv! and check my mail, read a book, practice guitar banjo and harmonica (you didnt think i just watched tv all day did you?)

Jared is all i have up here, he has to be my family, my bestfriends, and my boyfriend all at the same time! What a full time job! im so grateful for him. he really has been taking care of me so well.

Jared my love if the sky did fall

i would show you the sun and moon in mine eyes

The ceiling as if it were an easel i would paint the stars.

Jared if your reading this, I Love You.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

im missing stuff :(

today i miss: mark harris. a bestfriend, excoworker, and 3rd cousin. why do i miss him? cus he is an amazing guy who showed me alot about music, life, and being cool as hell! i would do anything to go bowling with him right now

my damn laptop is still being fixed :( . wen i get it back there will be pics on every blog!

Love, BrokeasHell

i made a damn blog happy now?

okay okay. im not sure how too go about these.

so i will update with wat events ive been up too.

and possibly keep you posted on some wild mood swings ive been experiencing!

lets not forget random pictures!

this should be fun!