Sunday, May 24, 2009


just got home from a mini vacation! muchly needed vaction.
i havent had a day off in 3 weeks, due to training and understaffing.
been filling my brain to the brim with supervisor duties.

we spent the night at one of jareds friends friends farm.
they had so many animals!!! i was in heaven!!!
they set up a frisby golf coarse wich we played, my Frisbee kept going in the blackberry bushes
next we visited the coast which was amazing
and hung out and had some yummy foods!!!!

got to work at 8 am tomorrow to do liquor inventory.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

ryan stiles plays golf

today i did some marketing for Bostons

me and my friend Toby (who also got the supervisor position) went over to the local golf and country club to giveaway samples of our delicious pizza.
then Ryan Stiles, famous actor! roles up and plays the hole we were on with 3 other people! i didnt talk to him just stared in amazment. i guess he lives up here. :) i think this is my first tv actor spotting ever!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Supervisor Megan

Yeah i made the cut, but im having problems being okay with it

i cant describe it, im scared, i feel like im not going to do a good just all around getting down on my self and my ability to be a supervisor and even a bartender!

at Bella's it was so much more comfortable. ive only been at Bostons 8 months and they want me to step up and learn everything!!!! blah!!!!

i know i can do it. i can and i will step up and be strong.

on another note.

ill be in utah June 12th through the 18th
for ericas giving birthness....
very excited.

i bought a little package deal for myself to a spa place. it was 40 bucks and you go 4 times to get a pedicure manicure facial and your hair done!!! my pedicure is tomorrow, oh im excited!!!!

not much else to say...... :)