Thursday, February 24, 2011


well geez its been awhile.
with me recently getting a FB (i know i know) i dont really feel the need to keep this updated. But, recent things in my life have caused me to want to write soooo deal with it..

Me and Chris broke up on the 31st of January. he is still moving his stuff out too this date. not a problem, we have been getting along.

Recent things have lead me to believe im a retard at dating and probably should enjoy being single and alone. the thought of not having someone to cook, make smile, and go to sleep with terrifies me. im scared. but i believe that if i keep in mind, THIS IS GOOD FOR ME, ill pull thru it. ahh. that thought makes me happy...

im gona
1. Hit the gym, work out at home, go on more hikes and walks!
2. Work on my friendships and familyships.
3. Create more, paint a picture, do some crafting, make my apt look nice!
4. Work on me, my mental awesomeness, try to not judge or criticize people.
5. BE 100% MEGAN

anyone who has advice i would love to hear it.