Wednesday, January 28, 2009

comming homer

work has been good. working 6 days a week now! half days half nights... its really nice

so im comming to visit utah, february 28th through march 6th.
i want to get some shit done wile im there.
get a tattoo.
have ericas baby shower
have amandas birthday.
spend time with my family
spend time with my friends
get my hair cut.
go bowling!

im sure jared will be glad to get rid of me for a week! haha

Monday, January 19, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

a phone in the toilet

i always thought it just happened to those stupid drunk girls.. but it happened to me.....
yes i dropped my phone in the toilet..
i let it dry under a light for 2 days and it worked for a few minutes, then did a blank screen
bought a prepaid tmobile phone for 90 bucks (yeah its a RAZR) put my chip in it and were good to go.

work has been okay, i have a rude lesbian manager that like to point out my flaws all the time. but ill get over it. she is funny rude, in a way that i am sometimes. so its all good. server revues are next week. ill let you know how that goes. i do feel like im not on my A game sometimes while serving. i just want to be the best of the best you know?

would love to get to utah for my sisters baby shower, and for my friend amandas bday.
but i have to be back home for mine and jareds one year anniversary!

money has been a little tight, the electric bill was $130
everything will be okay.
putting all my hospital bills on a payment plan (ill let you know the final costs)

me and jared are good. we are still learning alot from eachother. :)

peas and carrots.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

so far, so good.

this new year is going to be good it has too be
so far Jared turned 26 on the 6th and it was such a wonderful birthday. sushi and friends.
i wish i could have bought him something better and more expensive. like an xbox360.

talked to my sister erica for and hour yesterday... very fun too learn about her baby stuff.

the weather has been rainy. and i guess western washington is flooded from the snow and rain?
im not effected.

work has been good, 3 servers have been fired! i feel so lucky. they didnt do anything wrong, just that they were not the best servers.

I am an awkward person. i am. im not normal. i do things and act different than most people and i dont know why. I find conversing with people awkward at most times. It could be my shyness.

i love it though.. id rather be me that be some regular FAKE person.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

new years resolutions

Ive decided.... that too make me happier this year
i am going to trust Jared.
put all my faith and love into him. and trust that he will be true and good to me.
he deserves to be trusted, and i don't deserve to be worried.
i feel that if i do this, it will be true.

had an awesome time hanging out with my work friends on new years. first time ever hanging out with them outside of work!!! thanks to Jared for helping me stop being a butthole*

jareds bday is on the 6th!! he has this planned : early morning dentist appointment.. then work? i took off the day.... i want to do something awesome for him... sushi...... i really want to make his birthday special for him.....