Sunday, December 28, 2008

back home

lets start at the first.

1. the hotel didnt have our reservation. never use ever!
2. our flight was canceled spent ten hours at the airport.
3. xmas at home was everything i imagined!!! but i had little time to see everytone!!
4.flight home was told too us to be 3 hours late. actually was only 20!! but we made it only to find it was an hour late... damn airports.

it was definatly worth it. too see my family. i love you guys

now i have to figure out wat to get JARED. his bday is on the 6th

Thursday, December 18, 2008

more snow

it snowed like 7 inches all day and night yesterday.
it doesnt make sense i wanted to get away from the snow!
and its windy as hell up here too!!!
the roads are horrible and no one wants to drive.
luckily i didn't work yesterday or today! woot woot!

only 3 more days till im home!! omg im stoked as hell

leaving the car at the airport is going to be 130$ so we are looking into taking a shuttle and having someone pick us up. who knows. we really cant afford 130 right now :(

i work tomorrow so wish me luck, driving trough the snow

i also go a weird job offer... i think its one of those get rich quick (if you can) schemes... he just called me up and wants too meet me at a coffee shop to tell me about how he sells energy drinks or something/...... im going to call and cancel it just sounds too sketchy.

putting the finishing touches on the presents i made for my family! i love making gifts! so much funner and more meaningful.. and much much cheaper.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


i moved up here too get away from the cold and snow, well in snowed all day yesterday while i was at work!!!! and its freezing balls!!! and they dont have snowplows that throw salt down on the damn roads! and everyone drives 5 miles an hour. ha ha

sorry i have not put anything up in a while! my gmail account was compromised and i found it very difficult to reset my password, especially since my security question was "Temporary Question?' yeah i didn't have an answer for that.

work has been great, ive begun to make friends with people i work with, even the really mean manager turned out too be pretty awesome sometimes! work is fun and i make great tips, mostly.

just getting ready for xmas. finished making the gifts for my family, and still debating on wat to get my jared and amanda.

i feel one hundred percent better from my fiasco in the hospital. my bills are about 7,000BONERS right now!!! but im still working on applying for bridge assistance.

been kinda down lately, i thinks its from the cold. ill be happy once i get to visit good ol' UTAHr