Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hospital :(

Just got home from the hospital.
Jared made me get up and go last night, because of the extreme back pain ive been having.
i went too a clinic a few days ago, and she said it was a strained muscle.
the pills she gave me did nothing to help the pain.
In the emergency room, they took lots of blood, gave me some pain killer, and ran some tests.
i have a severe kidney infection!!! didnt even know.
oh and my potassium was low? they kept me overnight.
wish i had a picture i could throw on here of me in my hospital gown. :)

symptoms include: pain on right side of my middle to lower back, pain in my right belly, cant lift my right leg, nausea, fever, frequent urination, trouble sleeping, loss of appetite, depression.

symptoms from medication: dry mouth, constipation, drowsiness.

HOW FUN!!!!!

i hope to god i get better soon.

Friday, November 21, 2008


My back started hurting a little over a week ago. as you may know i usually have back pain. due to a slight curve and the strain that serving puts on it. but this back pain is very severe.

well this time, it keeps me up and night, crying, and wanted it to end. ill take 4 ibprophens and it only dulls the pain slightly. i have decided to go to the doctor, i looked on webmd, and it could be a herniated disc? i dont know im not a doctor. :) something better to ease the pain would be nice

dinner for 2 on thanksgiving! we decided against having a big tukey, and we are just going to make our favorites; stuffing, mashamapotatoes, gravey, my moms marinated mushrooms, and pumpkin pie :) yumo!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


This picture was taken at Ericas wedding. :p

thats right i bought the tickets!
tickets were 300 dollars per ticket, so if you wanna help pay for it..... :)
ill be in utah the 21st through the 26th
so sign up for play dates today! my time is limited :)
but im sure ill see you all!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


me and jared cant seem to come to a conclusion...
drive or fly home for christmas? VOTE
my family will pay for my plane ticket home for xmas, Jared is broke and doesnt want to Fly.
Driving would take 13 Hours! cheaper, but wat about the wear on my car, and the cost of food, and hotels?.......... Road trips are fun, but wat if it snows us out?!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

bein sick

so im sick, i think my mom brought it with her from UTAH.
my lungs ache, so i havent been smoking, this is day 4 without a cig.
i like that my brain doesnt think too much wen im sick... and that i can lounge about.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day!

finally the most suspenseful day of the year is over.
(i must apologize, i am not a democrat by any means, but im for sure not republican)

after reading a million poor excuses for family emails damn politics....
i feel bad for them.... they wanted there white bread republican America so bad and they prayed for it. YOU LOSE! you will find that the country will be a little happier and run a little smoother.. how about you all open your mind and shut your mouth this time?! (i apologize again if i offend, i might have had a drink wen i wrote this)

i don't know how it happened.... but it did.
i guess we are just sick of the shit.
i know i am, im in it for the universal healthcare. wat a splendid idea!

yay i dont have to move to cananda!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

halloween is over and my mom is leaving ;(

This weekend was wonderful! had alot of fun with my mom and Marty.
As you can see we had a ton of fun Halloween. we went to the beach and did some intown stuff.
and Saturday we all went to see Eagles of Death Metal.
today was a lazy day... i partied a bit to much on halloween and now im sick. so its lazyness for me today.

thanks too all that voted... turned out i was going for vampire for work... because its cute. (my tips sucked anyway). i wanted to change into the man with the mustache thing later for a party. but it was easier to stay a vampire. and cross dressing is more of a day to day thing... than Halloween. HAHA