Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day!

finally the most suspenseful day of the year is over.
(i must apologize, i am not a democrat by any means, but im for sure not republican)

after reading a million poor excuses for family emails damn politics....
i feel bad for them.... they wanted there white bread republican America so bad and they prayed for it. YOU LOSE! you will find that the country will be a little happier and run a little smoother.. how about you all open your mind and shut your mouth this time?! (i apologize again if i offend, i might have had a drink wen i wrote this)

i don't know how it happened.... but it did.
i guess we are just sick of the shit.
i know i am, im in it for the universal healthcare. wat a splendid idea!

yay i dont have to move to cananda!

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