Thursday, December 18, 2008

more snow

it snowed like 7 inches all day and night yesterday.
it doesnt make sense i wanted to get away from the snow!
and its windy as hell up here too!!!
the roads are horrible and no one wants to drive.
luckily i didn't work yesterday or today! woot woot!

only 3 more days till im home!! omg im stoked as hell

leaving the car at the airport is going to be 130$ so we are looking into taking a shuttle and having someone pick us up. who knows. we really cant afford 130 right now :(

i work tomorrow so wish me luck, driving trough the snow

i also go a weird job offer... i think its one of those get rich quick (if you can) schemes... he just called me up and wants too meet me at a coffee shop to tell me about how he sells energy drinks or something/...... im going to call and cancel it just sounds too sketchy.

putting the finishing touches on the presents i made for my family! i love making gifts! so much funner and more meaningful.. and much much cheaper.

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Rants Of Rian said...

Maybe you should just go ahead and probably move home.. seeming how there is snow up there and all and minus me and Dad and Erica and every other awesome utahn.
Besides, If you are gonna indure the white shit.. why not suffer through the best white shit on earth?
Can't wait to see your face.