Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Supervisor Megan

Yeah i made the cut, but im having problems being okay with it

i cant describe it, im scared, i feel like im not going to do a good job.im just all around getting down on my self and my ability to be a supervisor and even a bartender!

at Bella's it was so much more comfortable. ive only been at Bostons 8 months and they want me to step up and learn everything!!!! blah!!!!

i know i can do it. i can and i will step up and be strong.

on another note.

ill be in utah June 12th through the 18th
for ericas giving birthness....
very excited.

i bought a little package deal for myself to a spa place. it was 40 bucks and you go 4 times to get a pedicure manicure facial and your hair done!!! my pedicure is tomorrow, oh im excited!!!!

not much else to say...... :)


Mandee Shaffer said...


mm.gma.ar :) said...

CONGRATULATIONS -- you'll do GREAT!! Love ya'. a.r.

Rants Of Rian said...

I am soo happy for you Megy!! You will do awesome.
I am really excited for you to come visit. I want to set aside as much time as possible to spend time with you while you're here.
Love ya little Sister. Congratulations. Tell Jared I say hello.

tracip said...

Megy, this is traci from Bellas. Your mom came in and gave me your blogspot. So I just wanted to say to you that you will do an awsome job. As one of your former employees I have to say you are a great boss. No worries on how you will do ok. Hope to see you while you are here. Hope you are great.