Wednesday, August 5, 2009

i dont even have a title for this blog
its been forever since i wrote but some shit has been going down

Jared and i have broken up, and he has moved out.
it was the hardest thing i had to do, in a long time.
I loved and still love Jared. he was a fantastic boyfriend and we got along very well.

But something happened in my mind that i didnt think i should spend all my time with one person, so i went on a date with another man.

my soul was broken, constantly sitting at a conference table with my own mind, deciding wat to do and tormenting myself of wat i did. now trying to repair it, i got to weekly therapy and i do many fun things throughout the day.

Life is ment to be experinced. i got to get myself out there and do that.

Mondays i have to go into work at 6am!!!! i do all food inventory now.

my phone service is up with tmobile... thinking of switching to verison or pay the big bill and get an iphone with at&t. any suggestions?

movies im excited for:
quentin tarantinos "inglorious bastards"
wes andersons "the fantastic mr fox"
tim burtons "alice in wonderland"


Rants Of Rian said...

I am proud of you little lady. :) Follow your heart Megy.

☮ scrumptious ♥ said...

Megy, omg. My boyfriend broke up with me too :( i'm having a hard time too.. I'm sorry.. Wow you should come home now.. We all miss you and love you like crazy. Be strong, i know you are. We both got to be (: you are awesome megan kaye. i <3 you! need me, i'm here for you 2