Monday, October 13, 2008

the cold, the dark, and the silence

yeah its been getting a bit cold up here

but ive been feeling cold about other things too.

my job is going okay.... i missed a day at work, i must have read the schedule wrong.

just a verbal warning tho! i started serving.. but for now the manager has to fallow me to the tables and its very unnerving! i mess up and forget alot wen i am being fallowed.

it should work out though

i should be getting my laptop this week. they could not fix it and there giving me a whole new one!!! yay!!! its been a month since ive had my baby HP. :)

Im in my head too much, like a just think about alll this stuff. its hard

me and jared are going through some difficulties... could be cus were surrounded by eachother most of the time so the negative stuff is amplified we just need too focus more on the good stuff and listen and talk too eachother more. i want more than anything too work it out and too help and be there for him. i know we are together for a reason, and it wasnt just too get my ass out of utah! things will work out im sure

i need to find friends... but as you know, it takes me forever too find a good friend. hell i knew amanda forever!

did some bikram yoga last night. i wanted too clear my head. but the damn instrucor was brutal and sounded like a damn drill sargant. very sore today
i miss some things about utah thats for sure.


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