Tuesday, October 28, 2008


yup my favorite holiday!
i have not decided yet wat im going to be!! i work halloween night at my job and we get too dress up. im also going to a party after work so i can choose 2 things. a trucker/whitetrash man, a pirate, or a vampire? help me decide!!!

my mom and marty are coming in 2 days!! oh god im excited! been cleaning the house getting ready for them :)

i got my new computer!!! finally! its just the new version of the old one i had! very shnazy
exept i hate itunes. it transfered all my music over... but didnt take the albums or the artist with them... so i have to go through each song and add a artist and album too it... very annoying. if you have a faster way. please tell me!!!

things are great! making some money at my job, were i mostly work nights.


Anonymous said...

I loved the year you went as clockwork so that's my vote.

Mandee Shaffer said...

You are neat. I of course vote the vampire, because you look hot in my costume