Tuesday, April 7, 2009

its almost my bird day.. :I

DALISHESH stir fry
made an amazing stir fry last night!
having a rice cooker sure makes it easy
just cooked up some frozen chicken breast (which was cheap at trader joes)
then used a bag of frozen veggies along with some fresh ones, stir fried those
the sauce nailed it tho. also bought some ginger garlic paste that smells soo good.
Kona Coast : Ginger and Wasabi Teriyaki
the bottle is like this.

It has been so sunny and warm here! sunday we went to the driving range and hit some golf balls, yesterday we walked around the neiboorhood and played boche ball. there is this great side story were i was being mean to Jared and a minute later we had to jump across some mud, well i didnt make it, and ended up flinging mud all over my back side! yeah i learned my lesson.

Jared started school today, so im just relaxing in the sun until i work tonight.

just watched this movie: Milk
Very very good and powerful movie about the gay movement.
great actors, great story, could not complain. :)
ill give it 3 Strawberry Mexican popsicles. and a poptart

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