Monday, March 30, 2009

jared is leaving :(

yup he is going home to orem Utah for 4 days.
gona miss him terribly.
i went and sat at the bar at his work yesterday just so i could see him a bit more.

Jared got netflix so im gona start doing movie reviews! cus i hate all of them!!

Attention!!!!!! do not rent SEX DRIVE i had Jared turn it off half way through, i just couldnt stand it. yes yes Seth Green was the best part. but they really should not have compared it to a movie like SuperBad wen actually its a movie like American Pie 9 (if they made that many)
i give it a big ol' >:0 and 2 :l (angry disapointment, and 2 straight face no laugh)

my job is offering me to be a supervisor in June!
well im one of the candidates ! yeah im movin on up.
i also have to do deliveries sometimes.. blah!

my birthday is in eleven days! its gona be very weird to not have anyone around to party with on my birthday :( Jared is just gona have to try extra hard to make it special i guess........

PLEASE send Megans birthday presents or cards too:

Megan Strand
1329 Puget st. apt C
Bellingham WA. 98229

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Rants Of Rian said...

Haha.. I love that you included your address for presents.
Tricky. I like it.
Miss you. Wish I could be there for your birthday.
Im thinking late August. My firend Lauren is moving to Tacoma so I want to make my trip a two-fer.
Love you
Call me sometime Brat