Saturday, September 26, 2009

Family visiting

So so so excited to see some family!
Grandma Cottam on this Sunday
My mom and Marty the 3rd through the 6th! (yay Bob Dylan!)
My sister Rian on the 8th through the 13th!

the only thing that sucks is that were short at work so i have to work my schedule out so i can spend more time with my mom and sister!!

it will be grand tho!!!

came home from work last night and Chris surprised me with a xbox360!
i cant believe a person could make me feel so good about my self and so retarded at the same time!

omg!!! its almost HALLOWEEN!!!!!

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Mandee Shaffer said...

I wish I could visit you too! ANd I wish I was with you for Halloween. I need to sew you another cool costume. You're just too much fun to dress up.