Tuesday, October 20, 2009

chilly willy

starting to be the rainy windy season up here! but i do love the gloomyness.

thanks to my mom and Marty for taking me to do something before you die (see bob dylan)

thanks to my sister Rian for comming to visit me!! i had a blast!!!

for halloween im thinking ill do the clockwork orange outfit. depends on wat im doin.
not sure wat chris is going to be?
any ideas for a guy with a brown burly mustache?

me and chris are coming for thanksgiving!!!
we will be there the 24th through the 27th! im stoked for him to meet my friends and family, you will all love him!! he is handsome, intelligent and great!
hopefully ill get the christmas presents done before then so i can just leave em with ya'll


miss ashley said...

i can't wait to meet him and to see you again! missing you.
mwah. *whoosh*

Mandee Shaffer said...

I will most certainly make you cupcakes! And I love your jack o lantern! You're my favie! I heart your effing face!

Rants Of Rian said...

I love you Megan. Thank you for hosting me thru my favorite vacation.I suck at being a sister and just caught up on your blog. I just saw you a few days ago over Thanksgiving and I miss you already. You are such an incredibly gorgeous person inside and out. I love you and am so very happy for you.