Friday, November 6, 2009


totally excited to come visit.
Tona is a must! hopefully it will be open.
as always very excited to see family and friends!
im sorry in advance for im only staying 4 days, i wont be able to spend alot of time with you all.

im thinking of getting a kitty.
im looking into this special breed called bengals.
there pricey but beautiful. i wanted a flat faced exotic shorthair but chris thinks they look like aliens. so i compromised on this breed. very cute.
we get to meet a couple kittens on sunday!

Chris has been horribly busy with school, philosophy club, studying for the GRE, and getting stuff together to apply to gradschools. dont really have a desire to move to NewYork next year, but it will be an adventure none the less.

work is still great!! the power went out last night at 7pm. right in the middle of dinner! i knew it was going to happen the wind and rain was soo strong last night. i had all my tickets printed out just in case it did! yeah i can tell the future, its no big deal :)

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