Saturday, January 17, 2009

a phone in the toilet

i always thought it just happened to those stupid drunk girls.. but it happened to me.....
yes i dropped my phone in the toilet..
i let it dry under a light for 2 days and it worked for a few minutes, then did a blank screen
bought a prepaid tmobile phone for 90 bucks (yeah its a RAZR) put my chip in it and were good to go.

work has been okay, i have a rude lesbian manager that like to point out my flaws all the time. but ill get over it. she is funny rude, in a way that i am sometimes. so its all good. server revues are next week. ill let you know how that goes. i do feel like im not on my A game sometimes while serving. i just want to be the best of the best you know?

would love to get to utah for my sisters baby shower, and for my friend amandas bday.
but i have to be back home for mine and jareds one year anniversary!

money has been a little tight, the electric bill was $130
everything will be okay.
putting all my hospital bills on a payment plan (ill let you know the final costs)

me and jared are good. we are still learning alot from eachother. :)

peas and carrots.


Rants Of Rian said...

First I want to say.. Way to go grace" Phone in the toilet?? How in the hell?? *Knocks on wood* I don't want your bad karma!

Second.. You and Jared are adorable. Thats half the fun getting to know your 'carrot' whilst minding your 'Peas' just remember those 'Q's' :)

Ew ew ew I hope hope hope you get to come home. Can't ya just move here??

Mandee Shaffer said...

Love reading your blog! I'm sorry money is tight. and don't worry about server reviews. You'll kick trash. You always do. I wish I could have been home for MY sister's baby shower too!!! Miss you

Erica said...

mom told me you might be coming down just last night! I hope sooo! that will be really fun, oh and I hear amanda is having a toga party for her birthday :D haha. I'll pass..

When is you and Jared's anniversary?

hope server reviews go well, I agree with mandee- you kick trash.
love you