Saturday, January 10, 2009

so far, so good.

this new year is going to be good it has too be
so far Jared turned 26 on the 6th and it was such a wonderful birthday. sushi and friends.
i wish i could have bought him something better and more expensive. like an xbox360.

talked to my sister erica for and hour yesterday... very fun too learn about her baby stuff.

the weather has been rainy. and i guess western washington is flooded from the snow and rain?
im not effected.

work has been good, 3 servers have been fired! i feel so lucky. they didnt do anything wrong, just that they were not the best servers.

I am an awkward person. i am. im not normal. i do things and act different than most people and i dont know why. I find conversing with people awkward at most times. It could be my shyness.

i love it though.. id rather be me that be some regular FAKE person.


Anonymous said...

yay for not being fake!

Erica said...

ha ha ha. i laughed out loud for a while at that cactus thing. i love it.

ex roomate/mommy said...

Megy besides Riley Cottam you were the shyest little person I have ever known, but I am so proud of how far you have come and how brave you are for setting out in search of new adventures. You will learn to talk to people you just need to run into your people.