Thursday, February 19, 2009

thursday already?

only one more week till i come to Utah. oh damn am i excited.

been stressed, the hospital wants my recent tax info and bank statements to see if i am accepted for the bridge assistance. even tho i gave them my recent info back in november!

so i got my taxes done with H and R block.. cost me alot of cash. but at least i know im getting 1300 back now, wich will pay off my debt, and get me started on the hospital bill.

been working 6 days a week, its my day off now :) so im just relaxin!

me and jared have not been to the gym in like 2 weeks, because his foot has been hurting :( so we have just been playing endless amounts of video games! me and jared have been doing very very good, im going to miss the hell out of him for the week im home.

got more stuff for my sisters baby yesterday! fred meyers is having mega sales on baby stuff so i picked up some more cute stuff.

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Mandee Shaffer said...

You're so awesome! I freaking miss you!!!