Saturday, February 7, 2009


me and jared watch Michael Moores film SICKO last night
maybe he does elaborate.
but god damn. so many other countries have government free healthcare..
and people that pay for healthcare here cant even afford care still?

anyway, it made me want to move to europe, canada is closer.
but wouldnt it be nice to walk into a hospital, get the treatment. and never worry about a bill
im still waiting to see if my 8,000 dollar emergency room bill will be deduced...........

paid vaction, paid sick days.... luxuries most americans never see. put even part time europeans get to enjoy. they dont even pay for college.

i know taxes would be higher. but if they can do it. so can we.

okay okay im ranting....

love you all! miss you all! cant wait to hang out in UTAR

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