Wednesday, February 11, 2009

good food! good times :)

so me and jared have been bored of the same ol' stuff i can make for dinner.
we went to Trader Joes for the first time since we have been here (i know right?)
we spent a bum load of money on some nice and yummy stuff!

so i made the best new dish tonight! its chicken breast with brie and a balsamic glaze.
god damn it was so good and easy!!!!!(wish i had a pic)
ill have to make it for you sometime

today me and Jared went to circuit city, because they are closing soon, we wanted to buy a few things for a good deal you know?

i got an xbox360 for Jared for valentines day! it was hella cheap and i knew he wanted one
he is so damn happy, just seeing him smile is worth the couple hundred bucks.

i died my hair blue black!!! oh i love it!! cant wait to show ya'll

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Erica said...

you are such a nice Girl friend! I still just can't bring myself to buy Aaron an Xbox 360 but I know he'd love it so much.. I'm thinking maybe I will when I go back to school so he'll have something to keep him occupied while I study and what not- oh wait he'll be on baby duty :) xbox and a baby... it could work out alright :D