Monday, March 9, 2009

better late then never (pics to come)

okay okay so ive been home for like 3 days
visiting UTAH was great! picture to come. as soon as erica sends some

i did all the things i wanted too! got my hair cut, bowling, got a tattoo, wendover, sushi, not to forget quality amanda, erica, family and friends time :)

Jared is so glad to have me back home, the 7th was our one year anniversary.
He took me to Vancouver! my first time in another country.
It was so fun! we went and saw Underoath and Norma Jean, we stayed the night and in the morning we decided to hit up the Vancouver aquarium. sorry no pictures :P
it was pretty nice, they had beluga whales, and other random ocean animals.
my favorite was the sloth! and the Sea otters! oh dir so cute!!!!!

i love being home. i missed my jared alot lot.
he is going to be comming to utah end of this month without me
sucks, i just dont want to spend anytime apart. :(

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Anonymous said...

i have been wearing a wrist brace for 3 days now and my wrist is slowly starting to feel better... maybe