Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The whole reason i came to Utah, to stare at Erica's belly.

This is the blanket i started, Erica worked on, grandma finished :)
Made out of old tshirts



Me and Amanda, at her bday party i threw for her. :)

The traditional hangover at the traditional Sunday breakfast :)


Rants Of Rian said...

I wish we could have seen more of eachother while you were here Megy
I am nowhere in your photos of home.
I love your new haircut though.
I love you so much sister.
Can't wait to see ya again.

Mandee Shaffer said...

I love your hair! I want to see your new tattoo! And your hoodie in pic 1? I demand you give it to me. I lvoe you so much! And I miss you so much!

ex roomate/mommy said...

Everyone should know that you stole that sex pistol shirt from me.

Where is a picture of you and me? Don't you like me?