Monday, March 23, 2009

i was excited...

i guess i have to have a Washington state drivers licence and licence plate for a year to get residency tuition, i was a little excited to go to school. not really anymore.

its not like i know wat i want to do with my life anyway..

im still going to apply for the school and apply for the financial aid. if it comes down to were i only have to pay a little i will do it! just like my hospital bill... did i tell you about that? yeah i dont owe any money on my hospital visit. nice

just been working alot alot. bostson fired alot of people and its spring break this week, so im pulling 3 doubles this week, at least i have wendesday off. been making lots and lots of money so i can spoil my self for my birthday in 2 weeks!!!!!

also at work there doing a drink contest with drinks made up by the servers!
im using the pepperoncini martini for sure!

been wasting alot of time on the xbox.! its awesome. my gamertag is MEGYtron

me and jared are doing good, we have our problems like everyone else. sometimes i feel so inadequate . if thats even the right word.


Mandee Shaffer said...

I love Megytron. It's my favorite new Transformer. Makes Optimus Prime look like a Ballerina.

Erica & Aaron said...

that's dumb.. what if you don't drive.